Did you know when you get a car loan from the dealership, it may not always be in your best interest?  When a dealership sends a loan to one of their outside car lenders, most will receive compensation.  This is what is called indirect lending.  The amount the dealer gets paid varies amongst lenders depending on how competitive the different lenders are in getting your loan.  What this means, is that the dealership may send your loan to a lender with a higher interest rate so that the dealer can receive a higher compensation. 

At Alcoa Tenn, we do what is best for the member.  Instead we want to pay YOU, not the dealer, for getting your loan with us.  Get 1% CASH BACK up to $500*, when you finance your new or used vehicle with Alcoa Tenn.  Take the cash back from us and get a low interest rate.  It's a WIN, WIN, for you!  Plus take all the benefits that getting an Alcoa Tenn loan has to offer--affordable GAP insurance, auto warranty, life and disability insurance. In most cases, our loan benefits are significantly lower costs than those sold by the dealership.  Let Alcoa Tenn, with their experienced loan officers, help you on your auto purchase journey.  Not only will you get expert advice, save money, and get a low interest rate, we will pay you 1% CASH BACK up to $500.*  Auto Loans are Made Easy with Alcoa Tenn.

*APR is Annual Precentage Rate.  Rate dependent upon credit score.  Rates subject to change.  Restriction/Conditions apply.  See a loan officer for details.  Limited time offer.