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Digital Access

Meet Digital Access, our enhanced online and mobile banking system. Digital Access delivers increased reliability and lots of exciting features!


What is Digital Access?

Digital Access is an online and mobile banking system that allows you to securely access your account 24/7 via a computer or any mobile device. The upgrade that was launched April 1, 2024 delivers new features and enhanced security.


What services does the new Digital Access offer?

  • Individual Logins: Each user creates their own unique login eliminating the need for shared logins.
  • Account View: View all of your account balances and transactions in one place using a single login.
  • Transfer and Payments: Easily make one-time, scheduled, and recurring transfers and payments b, and use your ATFCU accounts to make your ATFCU loan and credit card payments. 
  • Member to Member Transfers: Easily transfer money to other ATFCU members, and store them in your transfers list to quickly make one-time, scheduled, and recurring transfers.
  • Savings Round Up: Opt to round up your purchases and have the extra deposited to your savings.
  • Quick Balance: Enable to see your account balances on a mobile device without the need to login.
  • Overdraft Protection: Easily manage overdraft protection sources
  • Bill Pay: Securely and conveniently pay all of your bills in one place.
  • Remote Deposit: Conveniently and securely deposit checks via the app using a mobile device.
  • Pay A Friend: Securely send money to friends and family.
  • Account to Account Transfers: Securely send money between your ATFCU accounts and accounts you have at other financial intuitions.
  • eStatements: Receive your account statement quicker and securely. eStatements are stored for 24 months, eliminating the need for storing paper.
  • Card Management: Manage your ATFCU debit and credit cards including turning your card on/off, reporting your lost or stolen, create travel notices, view credit card transactions, enroll/view card eStatements, and manage your credit card rewards.
  • And much, much, more

In order to register for the new service, ATFCU must have your current phone number and email address on file.