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Visa Check Cards

A Convenient Way to Pay

Your ATFCU Check Card is a convenient way to pay - it works like a credit card, but funds are deducted from your account, just as if you'd written a check.

All Alcoa Tenn Federal Credit Union checking accounts come with a free EMV chip-enabled Visa Check Card that allows you to safely and easily use your checking account to make payments - without writing a check! Use your ATFCU Check Card anywhere Visa is accepted. 

The EMV chip adds more security to your check card payment. Using the chip card is a little different, but it's still an easy way to pay. When you use your Visa Check Card at a chip-enabled terminal, a one-time authentication code is created for your transaction. This means that your card information isn't transmitted and stored and your data can't be used by anyone else. If the terminal isn't chip-enabled, you may still use your check card by swiping the card's magnetic strip to pay.


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