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Less Paper, More Security

Who needs more paper? Receiving your account statement electronically is a quick, safe way to review your account information every month.

Cut the paper clutter and reduce your risk of becoming a victim of identity theft by enrolling in eStatements. 

What’s great about eStatements:

  • It's easy! Enroll and access your eStatement at any time through ATFCU's Digital Access Online Banking.
  • Available for member and credit card accounts.
  • No need to store paper! Your statements are archived online for 24 months.
  • They're more secure! No need to worry about someone stealing a paper statement from your mailbox. Even better? eStatements are protected by the most up-to-date security standards
  • If you want to print a statement, no problem! eStatements are a great way to reduce paper usage, but sometimes you just need a hard copy. Your eStatement is printable

Do you have questions? Be sure to check out our eStatements FAQs for more information.

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