General FAQs

Q: What information is available through Alcoa Tenn FCU's eStatement program?

Members can receive their account statements, free via email and a secure web browser.

Q: How much does Alcoa Tenn FCU's eStatement program cost?

There is no charge for our eStatement program. In fact, once you’re an eStatement member, you’ll also be eligible to receive special credit union product offers via email.

Q: Is my eStatement account information protected from others viewing it?

Your information is protected with the latest security features and requires a password, that only you will know, to access the information. Alcoa Tenn FCU’s eStatement program also uses 128-bit encryption security to ensure that your private information stays private.

Q: What kind of computer equipment and software program is needed to use Alcoa Tenn FCU's eStatements?

You do not need any special computer configuration or software package to access your eStatements, just a computer, a modem, Internet access and an Internet browser that supports 128-bit encryption. Netscape Navigator 4.75 or higher, Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher, CompuServe 2000, and AOL 5.0 or higher provide the security encryption required for Alcoa Tenn FCU’s eStatement program.

Q: What if my Internet browser is not one of the versions needed to access my account information?

Both Netscape and Microsoft offer free download upgrades of their browsers on their respective homepages. The icons above will link you to the browser’s download page.

Q: How do I view my eStatement?

Your statement can be accessed either by double clicking on the link in the email notification or through Digital Access (online services) on Alcoa Tenn FCU’s homepage,

Q: What if I accidentally delete my email notification that my statements are ready? Can I still view them?

Even if you delete the email notification you can access your eStatements through Alcoa Tenn FCU’s homepage at


Q: What if I no longer want to receive my statement electronically? How do I stop receiving eStatements?

You can switch back to the paper version of your statements at any time. Contact a credit union representative by phone at 865-977-3118 or 1-800-404-6008 or email us and ask to change your statements back to paper.

Q: Can I have my eStatement email notification sent to two different email addresses?

We can only send your eStatement notification to one email address; however, you can access your statements via any computer with Internet access. Simply go to Digital Access on Alcoa Tenn FCU’s homepage,


Q: How can I get a paper copy of my statement?

You can print any statement or notice from your library of available statements and notices. If you would like to print a copy, there are three different options to do so: Selecting File/Print from the menu bar at the top of the eStatement screen;

Clicking on the Printer-Friendly Text Only View option under the masthead; or

Clicking on the Download Statement as PDF file option under the masthead.

(NOTE: With options #1 and #2 you may have to adjust your printer margins the first time you print by selecting File/Page Setup from the menu bar and setting the left and right margins to .25 each)

You may also request a paper copy of your statement any time for a fee of $1.00 per statement by calling the credit union.

Q: Why can't I view my statement in Digital Access?

The “Statement” option inside Digital Access has been replaced with eStatements. However, you can still view all history of your accounts from Digital Access. There are two ways to do this: Sign on to Digital Access and click the “Accounts” option. A new screen will load which will display all of your accounts at the credit union. You may then click the hyperlink of any account to display the history of the respective account. For example: If you wish to view the history of your checking account, click the “Share Draft” link. The history of your checking/share draft account will display up to 3 months.

Sign on the Digital Access and click the “More Features” option. This will display additional options. One of the additional options is “Statement” which is the previous statement option. You may click this option and choose the date period you wish to view in a plain text environment.

Q: I sign on to eStatements, but there is nothing available?

When you register for eStatements and sign on for the first time (before you are sent a monthly notification), there will be no statements available. Your eStatements will begin to accumulate after you sign up for eStatements, starting with that month’s end.

For example: If you sign up for eStatements in September, you will receive your first eStatement in October for September’s statement cycle. Thereafter, we will store your statements up to 24 months.

Q: How do I change my password if I forget it or think it has been compromised?

Contact Member Services at 865-977-3118 or 1-800-404-6008.

Q: Can joint members sign the enrollment form for eStatements?

For privacy reasons, only the primary member can sign an account up for eStatements.

Q: Will I automatically get my credit card statements via eStatements if I enroll my account?

No, you must enroll your ATFCU Visa separately. To enroll, sign on to Digital Access click “More,” then click “Visa Credit Card System.” If you have not previously registered your credit card, you will be asked to do so. After entering the system, click “Online Services” then select eStatements.

Q: How do I notify the credit union of my new email address?

You can contact a credit union representative by phone at 865-977-3118 or 1-800-404-6008.

Q: When, during the month, will my eStatement be available online for my viewing?

Your eStatement will be available approximately the first week of each month.

Q: How long will the statement remain 'online'?

Alcoa Tenn FCU’s eStatement program will provide the last 12 months of statements.

Q: Can my eStatement information be exported to other programs?

Alcoa Tenn FCU eStatements can be saved as a text file and imported into Microsoft Word or
another text program.

Q: What is Design Your Own Card?

Design Your Own Card is a service which allows you to personalize the front of your personal credit card by uploading a custom image of your own or choosing one from our catalog of images.

Q: Who may request a personalized card with Design Your Own Card?

Any member of the credit union that has a credit card can submit a request using Design Your Own Card.

Q: Can I have a different card image than the secondary or authorized user of my card?

Yes. Primary, Secondary, and Authorized users will each be able to customize their own card.

Q: How do I design my own card?

Designing your own card is a breeze! First, upload a personal image of your own or choose from our image library. Next, follow the directions to Design Your Own Card by cropping, rotating, or flipping your image, or confirming the image you’ve selected from our library. Finally, review and submit your order or save it for later. Please note: You cannot edit images from our library.

Q: What image format does Design Your Own Card require?

Photos must be in GIF, JPG, TIFF, or BMP format and at least 2100 pixels wide by 1344 pixels tall. The larger your image file, the better your card will look when it’s complete. We are unable to accept files larger than 4MB.

Q: Are there any image content restrictions?

Yes. Images might be rejected or denied if the images contain:

  • Copyrighted or trademarked material
  • Socially unacceptable or discriminatory behavior or signs
  • Profanity or other obscene behavior or gestures
  • Controversial subject matter such as religious or political statements or images
  • Phone numbers, addresses, or URLs
  • The likeness of athletes, entertainers, celebrities, musicians, or cartoon characters
  • Violent acts or death imagery
  • Advertising or promotional materials or branded products
  • Content we deem provocative, sexual, violent or otherwise offensive
  • Nudity or semi-nudity
  • Depictions of illegal or anti-social behavior
  • Alcohol, tobacco or firearms
  • Time/date stamp on photo

Q: Why are images with the Time/Date stamp declined?

The Time/Date stamp can be mistaken for the expiration date which could cause confusion and possible declines at a Merchant.

Q: Will my new Design Your Own Card need to be activated?

Yes, you will need to activate your new Design Your Own Card when you receive it.

Q: If I create a custom card using Design Your Own Card, will the other cardholders on the account receive the same card?

No, when you use Design Your Own Card you are customizing your own card only. New plastics with an updated expiration date will be sent to all cardholders, but their images will not be affected by your custom card request.

Q: Why do all cardholders on the account receive a new plastic when someone uses Design Your Own Card?

When a cardholder uses Design Your Own Card, a new expiration date is set on the account. As a result, new plastics are sent to all cardholders to ensure their cards have the correct expiration date.

Q: How often can I use Design Your Own Card to update my credit card?

Each account is permitted to use Design Your Own Card one time every 30 days. Once a Design Your Own Card request is approved on your account, other cardholders on the account need to design their cards the same day to ensure they are not blocked for the specified period.

Q: My Primary Cardholder submitted a Design Your Own Card image. As the Authorized User, can I also submit a request or must I wait 30 days?

If the account’s Primary Cardholder has submitted their Design Your Own Card image, you must submit your Design Your Own Card image for a custom plastic within the same day. If a Design Your Own Card has been ordered within 30 days, you will not be able to Design Your Own Card online.

Q: When I order my Design Your Own Card, will my PIN change?

No, your PIN will remain the same.

Q: When my card expires, will I have the same unique image on my new card?

Yes, when your card expires, your most recently requested Design Your Own Card will be used for your new card.

Q: If I lose my card, will my replacement card have my personalized image chosen with Design Your Own Card?

Yes, your most recently requested Design Your Own Card will be used for your replacement card. IMPORTANT! Please remember to contact us immediately to report your card as lost or stolen to avoid the risks of fraud.

Q: How will I know if my image has been approved or denied for the Design Your Own Card?

You will receive an e-mail confirmation of the approval or denial of your Design Your Own Card image.

Q: Will I be able to use my current credit card while waiting for my custom Design Your Own Card to be received?

Yes, you will be able to use your existing credit card until your new Design Your Own Card is received and activated.