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New Digital Access FAQ

Q.  Will the current app be updated automatically?

A.  iOS users will update their existing app via the App Store. Android users will download a new app. Delete your existing app an search the Play Store for “Alcoa Tenn FCU.”

Q.  Will I have to re-register?

A.  Yes. On or after April 1st, each user will create their own unique login, eliminating the need for shared logins. You will need your account number and the last 4 of your SSN/TIN. For registration purposes, your account number is your member number. To accesss the registration feature click on Login/Pay on our home page and select Register. You can also access registration in the app by clicking the More button.

Q.  I re-registered after April 1st, but I forgot my password. What do I do?

A.  Reset your password online or in the app using the Trouble Signing In feature. This can be accessed via the login screen.

Q.  Why didn’t I receive my verification code?

A.  If you failed to receive a verification code, it is possible that the information you entered was incorrect or the contact information we have on file for your is not up to date. Please try again, assuring that the information you are entering is correct. If you continue to experience trouble logging in, please use the Trouble Signing In feature on the login screen or contact Member Services at 800-404-6008.

Q.  Why am I seeing accounts that didn’t previously show in my online banking?

A.  The new Digital Access is a person-centric system that allows you to conveniently view all of your account in in one place using a single login. You can use favorites to bring your most frequently view accounts to the top of your accounts list.

Q.  How do I view my recent transactions?

A.  Go to the Accounts page and select the account you would like to view. See more transactions by clicking See All Transactions at the bottom of the recent transactions display.

Q.  Can I still use a PIN number to login to my app?

A.  As part of the enhanced security measures, PIN logins are no longer supported. You can enable mobile features, such as quick balances and biometrics, to make seeing balances and logging in quick and easy. Mobile features can be accessed by clicking on the blue circle at the top right of the screen and going to the Settings menu.

Q.  How can I transfer money to another ATFCU member?

A.  To transfer funds to another member, you must add their account as a New Member Destination. Click on Move Money and then click on Payments and Transfers. The “Add New Member Destination” feature is located at the bottom of the destination dropdown. When adding their account, make sure to check the save new destination box so that you can quickly transfer funds to them in the future. After saving the other member’s account, you can also schedule recurring transfer to them.

Q.  How will the upgrade affect Online Bill Pay?

A.  After the upgrade, each Digital Access/online banking user will be able to pay all their bills in one convenient place. Primary members will retain their payees, history, scheduled payments, etc…. and should experience minimal change. Joint owners will be able to create a new bill pay profile where they can add and manage new payees.           

Q.  How do I view my eStatements?

A.  New and existing eStatement users can enable eStatements by going to Manage Preferences in the Statements tab, toggling the button on, and completing the enrollment process. Existing eStatement users will be able to view prior statements for the accounts they are primary on. New users will start to build statement history with their next scheduled statement.

Q.  Did the upgrade affect my account alerts?

A.  Yes. Account alerts will need to be setup in the new Digital Banking. To access Transaction Alerts, click on your initials in the top right corner, click Settings, and then click Security.

Q.  How do I change my contact information using Digital Banking?

A.  You can change your address, phone numbers, and email by clicking on the blue circle at the top right of the screen, clicking Settings, and then clicking Personal Information.

Q.  How do I manage my credit card?

A.  On the Accounts page, click on your credit card and then click Credit Card Management. You can also make payments from your ATFCU accounts using the Payments & Transfers features. And, you can use the Cards tab to turn your card on/off, report it lost, and create travel alerts.

Q.  How do I transfer money between my ATFCU and my account at another Financial Institution?

A.  The Account to Account feature on the Move Money page allows you to transfer funds between your accounts using your routing and account number from the other financial institution. For security reasons, external accounts must be verified before you can begin transferring funds, which can take up to 3 business days and requires you to have access to the external account.

Q.  I already setup my External Account on the old system. Do I have to do it again?

A.  Yes. For security reasons, external accounts must be reentered and authenticated in the new Digital Banking.

Q.  Can I schedule external transfers?

A.  Digital Access supports scheduled transfers between your ATFCU accounts and to other member’s accounts. At this time, external transfers cannot be scheduled. 

Q.  Can I Pay a Friend or make external transfers using my ATFCU savings account?

A.  At this time, only ATFCU checking accounts support these services. 

Q.  What is Savings Jar?

A.  It is a transaction round up program designed to help you achieve your savings goals. When you opt in, your debit card transactions will round up to the nearest dollar and the rounded up portion will be deposited into your designated savings account.

Q.  Can I use Savings Jar on multiple checking accounts?

A.  At this time, the round up savings program is only supported for one checking account per user. You can modify which checking is enrolled by changing the selected account in the round up dropdown on the Savings Round Up page.

Q.  Who do I contact if I have questions?

A.  Please contact Member Services at (800) 404-6008.