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Accessline Telephone Banking Upgrade

As part of our system upgrade, we will be upgrading Access Line Telephone Banking.

Access Line features include:

  • Account balance information
  • Transfers between your accounts
  • Transfers to another member’s account
  • Review account history
  • Loan payments
  • Review investment information
  • Stop Payments (fee applies)

Will I be required to register for the new Access Line?

Yes. During your first call, you will need to re-enroll for telephone banking. During enrollment you will select a six digit PIN that you will use to securely access the system each time you call.

What information do I need to register for the Access Line?

  • Member Number
  • Primary Member’s Social Security Number
  • Primary Member’s Date of Birth
  • Primary Member’s Zip Code

Reminder. Please be aware that ATFCU will never ask for personal information via unsolicited text message, email, or phone.  If you receive an unsolicited message from someone claiming to be ATFCU and asking for full account numbers/passwords/other personal information, we suggest you do not respond.  Hang up and contact ATFCU directly and speak with someone in member service.  If you have given out your account information, please contact ATFCU as soon as possible.

Is my member number changing?

No. Your member number will remain the same; however, suffixes used to identify accounts in telephone and online banking will change from alphanumeric to a 4 numerical digits. For example, your suffix might have been S7 and is now 0700.

Are scheduled transfers still offered in Access Line?

Scheduled transfers will no longer be available through telephone banking; however, this function will be available in the new Digital Access Online Banking, which is also being upgraded on April 1st. Digital Access is a secure service that offers 24/7 access to your account with excellent features such as, account balances, transaction history, transfers, bill pay, eStatements, personal finance manager, savings round up, and account alerts.

What option do I use to get my deposits?

Select the desired account and press 3 to hear your recent deposits.

What option do I use to get my cleared checks, withdrawals, and ACH withdrawals?

Select the desired account and press 2 to hear your recent withdrawals, including cleared checks and ACH withdrawals.